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25 September 2009 by megan@spoon

Foraged Wild Blackberries

Last week, a berry-stained gentleman wandered into the American Spoon store in Petoskey.  He’d picked some wild blackberries in response to our ad and wasn’t quite sure where to take them.  This happens fairly often during the month or so that it takes summer to fade into fall, when blackberries grow like crazy in dense thorn-studded thickets along roadsides and abandoned railroad tracks, at the edges of fields and trails, in state parks and vacant lots, and in all sorts of wild and woodsy places.

17 September 2009 by megan@spoon

Farm Egg Sandwich

I don’t remember when I first tried the farm egg sandwich at the American Spoon Café but I do know that I’ve been ordering it religiously ever since.  I’m not its only fan — my friend Katie likes it so much that the Café was one of the last places she stopped in Petoskey before beginning the long drive to her new home in Montana, and she’s spent every Sunday afternoon since working in her kitchen to duplicate her favorite sandwich.  When I invited another friend to meet me for drinks, she suggested an egg sandwich at the Café instead.  “I am officially addicted to them,” she explained helplessly, then added a few mmmm sounds for emphasis.


10 September 2009 by megan@spoon

Red Haven Peaches

Picture a peach.  Imagine the soft blush of its fuzzy skin, the sweet freshness of its scent, and the drippy juiciness of its melting flesh.  Now picture 35,000 pounds of those blushing little beauties and imagine peeling and pitting each one.  By hand.