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8 February 2010 by megan@spoon

Sour Cherry Preserves Tart

Ordinarily I would not insist that you drop whatever you’re doing and start baking now, but ordinarily I don’t run across tarts as easy to make and as amazingly delicious as this one.  I discovered the recipe two weeks ago via The Splendid Table and began measuring out ingredients almost immediately.  Since then, I’ve made three tarts and six mini tarts.  It’s that good.

1 February 2010 by megan@spoon

Super Bowl Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I don’t know very much about football. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a running back and a wide receiver, nor do I have any idea what makes special teams so special. On the rare occasions that I actually sit down to watch a game, I tend to root for whichever team has better outfits (which I’m told are more commonly referred to as “uniforms”). So I’m not exactly the girl you want advising you on who to start in your fantasy football games each weekend. What I do know, having lived most of my life in the southeast, is pulled pork.