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25 November 2014 by megan@spoon

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

In a few short days, family and friends will gather together to share hugs, love, and loads of comfort food. Whether you spend the day with friends, a cocktail hour with the in-laws or an intimate dinner with your immediate family, American Spoon has a way to indulge those Turkey Day cravings.

A quintessential fall fruit gets dressed up with a bold cheese in our Honeycrisp Apple Conserve with Blue Cheese pairing. We have more where that came from, so if you want an alternative appetizer, browse our assortment of recipes here.



We think our Pumpkin Chipotle Roasted Vegetables can complement any main course, showcasing seasonal flavors and vine veggies. This recipe is simple and quick, leaving you plenty of time to baste the turkey, relax with guests, or to watch some football (Go Lions!).


For the main course, our Michigan cranberries are accented with warm spices, giving the tangy fruit a robust flavor that pairs perfectly with your Thanksgiving turkey. Enjoy the convenience of a side dish prepared for you with our Spiced Cranberry Chutney.


Our silky Milk Caramel is perfect drizzled atop ice cream or pecan pie for an easy and delectable dessert. Or, spoon this onto sliced apples for a guilt free late-night snack when the day’s festivities are winding down.

American Spoon holiday catalog 2014 gift boxes and peaches

13 November 2012 by megan@spoon

Honeycrisp Apple Conserve

Honeycrisp Apple Conserve is one of our most eagerly anticipated seasonal specialties, available each year only during November and December. In it, tiny cubes of sweet apple meld with the traditional warming notes of star anise and the delicate spice of white pepper. Take a peek at how we go from 800 pounds of Honeycrisp apples to 800 jars of Honeycrisp Apple Conserve.

Wildly popular Honeycrisp apples are beloved for their crisp sweet-tartness. Unlike many cooking apples, these beauties retain their delightful texture, signature sweetness, and gorgeous color when cooked.

We start with twenty bushels of Honeycrisp apples from Friske Orchards in Charlevoix.

We partially peel the apples, retaining some of the peel to preserve their gorgeous color, then carefully dice them into tiny cubes.

After the diced apples have been macerated with sugar–which helps to concentrate their flavor, we simmer the mixture of apples and their sweetened juice in our kettles with star anise, white pepper, and lemon zest. Then each jar is filled and labeled by hand, about 30 jars at a time.

The warm sweet-spiciness of our Honeycrisp Apple Conserve is a deliciously sophisticated accompaniment to both sweets and savories, and it sells out every year. This holiday season, serve it with warm banana bread, blue cheese, potato pancakes, or pork tenderloin for impressive holiday entertaining.

23 May 2012 by megan@spoon

Rhubarb Season

local rhubarb is here!

we got 584 pounds of rhubarb today

delivered to our kitchen from Bill's Farm Market in Petoskey

we spent the day processing rhubarb for our Rhubarb-Hibiscus Conserve, Strawberry-Rhubarb Preserves, and Rhubarb Marmalade

3 November 2010 by megan@spoon

Wordless Wednesday: We’re Turning These Into Something Amazing

13 October 2010 by megan@spoon

Wordless Wednesday: What We Did This Summer

Here’s what we didn’t do this summer:  post much to our blog.  Our office staff was so busy with the web project that we neglected to share news from the farms and the kitchen, where summer fruit was plentiful and carefully tended to.  We did manage to capture much of the work of summer in photos, so we thought we’d use this as an opportunity to introduce a new SpoonBlog feature:  Wordless Wednesday, a weekly image-based post.  This week, Wordless Wednesday takes the form of a photographic retrospective (also, it clearly involves words), but look for new truly Wordless Wednesday posts every week in addition to our regular posting.