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27 November 2009 by megan@spoon

Thumbprint Cookies

The decent thing to do, after a day filled with turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing and apple pie and pumpkin pie and pecan pie and who knows what-all, would be to talk about salad.  Instead, I thought I’d talk about cookies.

20 November 2009 by megan@spoon

Fruit Butter Cocktails for Thanksgiving

Here are two things you may not know about fruit butters: 1) they don’t actually contain any butter and 2) they’re awfully good with gin.  Or bourbon.  Or champagne.  I haven’t always possessed such encyclopedic knowledge of fruit butters.  As I child I wrinkled my nose at the thought of apples mixed with butter and only later learned that fruit butters are so named because they’re silky and smooth and spreadable — like butter.

13 November 2009 by megan@spoon

Heirloom Tomato Preserves

We promised you Heirloom Tomato Preserves.  In early Spring, tucked away on one of the very last pages of our catalog, we featured a photo of ten unlabeled jars in shades of orange and red and yellow and green, with a brief caption identifying those jars as Heirloom Tomato Preserves and indicating that they’d be available come Fall. It was a subtle promise, but a promise nonetheless, so we mailed our catalogs and set about keeping it.

6 November 2009 by megan@spoon

French Toast with Heirloom Apple Spoon Fruit and Pumpkin Cream

One of my favorite things about weekends is the possibility of brunch.  While my weekday breakfasts typically consist of cold cereal or whatever I can safely consume while driving, brunch is a leisurely, no-obligations indulgence filled with foods few of us have time for during the week — foods like french toast.