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28 December 2009 by megan@spoon

Cherry Cocktails & Winter Compote Desserts

I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I love the calm, quiet coziness that settles in after the mad dash from Thanksgiving to Christmas and I love that the week begins and ends with champagne. What I don’t love is an empty champagne glass. It’s always a sad thing to reach the bottom of a glass of champagne, but I’ve recently discovered a way to mitigate that disappointment: Dried Tart Cherries. If you drop one of those perfectly plump little bits of brightness into your glass and then add the champagne, the cherry will languish there in the bottom, bubbling away and soaking up all that champagne-y goodness, so that draining the glass results in a tart, wine-infused treat rather than a sigh of regret.

18 December 2009 by megan@spoon

A More Delicious Holiday

In a few days my boyfriend and I will pack up our car and head down to the Chicago suburbs to spend Christmas with his family.  It’s a special visit — there’s no itinerary and no obligations, and it’s the only time all year that the entire family is together. Also, there’s brunch.  For as long as anyone can remember, my boyfriend’s mother Jill has made a lovely Christmas brunch.  The offerings have changed over time but the brunch has evolved into a beloved holiday tradition that always includes Jill’s delicious quiche and homemade granola, bacon, fresh fruit and moist, crumbly coffee cake.


10 December 2009 by megan@spoon

Petoskey's Holiday Open House

The question those in our mail order department are asked most frequently after “what’s the difference between Spoon Fruit and Preserves?” is “what’s the weather like up there?” Since last Friday the answer has been the same: cold and snowy and downright beautiful. The snow arrived just in time for Petoskey’s annual Holiday Open House and fell steadily throughout the day until our little town was wrapped in the hush and the whiteness and the sparkle of winter’s first snow.

4 December 2009 by megan@spoon

Holiday Gifts

It’s that time of year again.  Snow blankets the sidewalks, the scent of pine hangs in the air, and shoppers bustle from store to store in search of the perfect gifts.  I helped one such holiday shopper in the  Petoskey store on Monday, answering her questions and opening jars for her to taste and suggesting some of my favorite combinations.  It was a simple thing, really, but it wasn’t until she hugged me — hugged me! — and thanked me for helping her select a gift that I was reminded of the spirit of the season.