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23 April 2010 by megan@spoon

American Spoon Café & Gelato

In 1999, Justin and his family took a trip to Italy, where Justin fell in love with the smooth silkiness and intense flavor of gelato.  He found himself returning to gelaterias day after day to savor the simple pleasure of good, honest food enjoyed at a charming outdoor café.  The more gelaterias he visited and the more gelato he tasted, the more determined he grew to recreate this experience back home.  This dream percolated for almost a year before serendipity struck:  the space adjacent to our Petoskey store — on the edge of lovely Pennsylvania Park — became available.  Nine months and thousands of reclaimed bricks later, American Spoon Café & Gelato opened, serving 24 flavors of authentic Italian gelato produced from the bounty of Michigan’s Northern Fruitlands.

15 April 2010 by megan@spoon

Bratwurst, Three Ways

Despite the mostly bare tree branches, I think it’s safe to say that it’s Spring.  For one thing, there’s robins.  Daffodils are popping up all over, a thin film of pollen covers nearly everything, and each day our world looks a tiny bit brighter and greener.  While nature does her greening blossoming thing, we humans have our own ways of marking the change of seasons.  We shove skis and snow boots and puffy coats to the back of our closets, reacquaint ourselves with neighbors we’ve hardly seen since the first frost, set our adirondack chairs out in the sun, and fire up our grills.

5 April 2010 by megan@spoon

Preserves-Filled Turnovers

I like baking.  I like the soft, dusty whiteness of flour and the creamy solidity of chilled butter.  I love the way these two basic building blocks combine to create something as sophisticated as pastry.  Pastry is a thing of wonder — it’s somehow sturdy enough to be rolled and cut and filled and folded, yet light and flaky and crumblingly delicious once baked.